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Band Performance Contract - PDF and Word Download Being a live sound engineer has taught me many life lessons; one of those is ‘not having a tech rider is better than a bad tech rider’. This is a simple band performance contract for small shows. It includes the all-important free tix, parking, and munchies/water. Please note the mandatory sound check of Venue's systems -- the Band needs to take the lead in setting that up. Disputes are settled by inexpensive arbitration. Bands may prefer to use a small claims court in their hometown.

DJ Contract Template Sample DJ Contract Rocket Lawyer If you came looking for this post, I don’t have to tell you what a tech rider is. DJ Contracts help ensure that the DJ and the event planner or promoter are clear about the terms of their agreement. Contracts help DJs get paid and gives the planner confidence that the DJ will show up and perform as agreed. Make a contract using a free trial with Rocket Lawyer.

DJ Resume Samples JobHero It’s your band’s technical profile/requirement for the organizers, sound vendor and engineer to be prepared with stuff you need on stage. If you want to put a gig together without too many words flying around during sound check, yes. DJs broadcast music over radio stations or play music at various events and parties. Their duties include providing music, creating playlists, mixing music tracks, and interacting with the public. The most successful DJ resumes emphasize skills such as communication and interpersonal abilities, creativity, self motivation.

Legal Concerns for DJs Negotiating a DJ Contract Tech riders are great, they not only bring the sound vendor and sound engineer up to speed, but also work as a brilliant check list for the band. Negotiating a DJ performance contract can be a tricky thing, but doing it right is an essential step in turning your hobby into a career. Today, we discuss considerations for DJs that sign performance agreements, and provide some tips for minimizing risk and maximizing return. In a new column, Legal Concerns for DJs, our favorite

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