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Who2 Biographies of famous people, celebrities, historic. World Leaders World Leaders US Presidents George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln more... A biographical resource with data on thousands of interesting people from the headlines and the history books. Biographies Now with biographies of 4,602 famous people, characters and creatures.

Famous people categories - Biography Online Alexander the Great Napoleon Bonaparte Leonid Brezhnev Julius Caesar Fidel Castro Charlemagne Winston Churchill Queen Elizabeth I Genghis Khan Mikhail Gorbachev Adolf Hitler King Henry VIII Joan of Arc Colin Powell Eleanor Roosevelt Joseph Stalin Margaret Thatcher Queen Victoria Mao Zedong Pharaohs of Egypt Women leaders Women Leaders Abigail Adams Susan B. Female biographies – A list of 100 famous women from Sappho and Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe and Angela Merkel. Humanitarians – Famous people who have offered charitable service to others, including Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce, Florence Nightingale and Princess Diana.

Biography of Famous People Biography Desk Anthony Clara Barton Nellie Bly Hillary Clinton Marie Curie Princess Diana Amelia Earhart Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth II Anne Frank Helen Keller Joan of Arc Rosa Parks Sally Ride Eleanor Roosevelt Harriet Beecher Stowe Mother Teresa Margaret Thatcher Harriet Tubman Queen Victoria Oprah Winfrey Civil Rights Heroes Civil Rights African Americans Susan B. Biography of Famous People. Biography Desk is all about the biographies of famous people, who are lives or died in past. The basic aim of Biography Desk is to provide you the information about the various famous people from the various field of life by providing you a complete biography of all of them.

Short Biography • Life Story of Famous People Anthony Ruby Bridges Cesar Chavez Frederick Douglass Mohandas Gandhi Helen Keller Martin Luther King, Jr. Turner Vincent van Gogh Andy Warhol Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs Andrew Carnegie Walt Disney Thomas Edison Henry Ford Bill Gates Milton Hershey Steve Jobs John D. Biography of Famous Personalities and Celebrities in History. Natalia Diamante Bryant is an American volleyball player who attended Sage Hill High School in Los Angeles, California.

List of Autobiographies of Famous Personalities PDF Nelson Mandela Thurgood Marshall Rosa Parks Jackie Robinson Robert Smalls Elizabeth Cady Stanton Mother Teresa Sojourner Truth Harriet Tubman Booker T. Wells Malala Yousafzai Artists Art History Salvador Dali Leonardo da Vinci Edgar Degas Wassily Kandinsky Eduoard Manet Henri Matisse Michelangelo Claude Monet Georgia O'Keeffe Pablo Picasso Raphael Rembrandt Georges Seurat J. Rockefeller Martha Stewart Levi Strauss Sam Walton Oprah Winfrey Explorers World Explorers Roald Amundsen Neil Armstrong Daniel Boone Christopher Columbus Captain James Cook Hernan Cortes Vasco da Gama Sir Francis Drake Edmund Hillary Henry Hudson Lewis and Clark Ferdinand Magellan Francisco Pizarro Marco Polo Juan Ponce de Leon Sacagawea Spanish Conquistadores Zheng He Inventors and Scientists Inventors and Scientists Alexander Graham Bell Rachel Carson George Washington Carver Francis Crick and James Watson Marie Curie Leonardo da Vinci Thomas Edison Albert Einstein Henry Ford Ben Franklin Robert Fulton Galileo Jane Goodall Johannes Gutenberg Stephen Hawking Antoine Lavoisier James Naismith Isaac Newton Louis Pasteur Eli Whitney The Wright Brothers Ancient Greece Alexander the Great Aristotle Pericles 25 Famous Greek People Greek Philosophers Ancient Rome Augustus Julius Caesar Cicero Constantine the Great Spartacus the Gladiator Emperors of the Roman Empire Ancient Egypt Pharaohs Cleopatra VII Hatshepsut Ramses II Tutankhamun Ancient China Confucius Kangxi Emperor Genghis Khan Kublai Khan Marco Polo Puyi (The Last Emperor) Emperor Qin Emperor Taizong Sun Tzu Empress Wu Zheng He Emperors of China Middle Ages Alfred the Great Charlemagne Genghis Khan Joan of Arc Justinian I Marco Polo Saint Francis of Assisi William the Conqueror Famous Queens Colonial America William Bradford James Oglethorpe William Penn John Smith Roger Williams American Revolution Abigail Adams John Adams Samuel Adams Benedict Arnold Ben Franklin Patrick Henry Thomas Jefferson Marquis de Lafayette Thomas Paine Molly Pitcher Paul Revere George Washington Martha Washington Civil War Clara Barton Jefferson Davis Dorothea Dix Ulysses S. Here is the list of autobiographies of some of the notable and famous national and international personalities. This list includes iconic personalities such as ministers, politicians, judges, actors, actresses, novelists, sportsmen, athletes and the persons related to various disciplines.

List of autobiographies - Wikipedia Grant Stonewall Jackson President Andrew Johnson Robert E. Eisenhower Douglas Mac Arthur George Patton Adolf Hitler Joseph Stalin Benito Mussolini Hirohito Anne Frank Eleanor Roosevelt Women of World War II African Americans in WW2 Cold War Western Leaders Harry Truman Dwight Eisenhower John F. My Land and My People 1962 Edith Stein Life in a Jewish Family 1986 Pope John Paul II Gift and Mystery 1996 Robert H. Schuller My Journey From an Iowa Farm to a Cathedral of Dreams 2001 Oswald Rufeisen I Swallowed the Catch of Queen of Carmel 2001 Morris Cerullo The Legend of Morris Cerullo How God Used an Orphan to Change the World.

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